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A large part of what SWW has to offer is the design and construction of quality furniture.  We are well versed in the techniques required to produce fine, handcrafted furniture in a wide variety of styles, materials and finishes.

We work closely with our clients to craft a piece that fits their needs.  Depending on the style and intended use of the piece we can suggest an appropriate design and finish with regard to requirements of function and durability.

We use the best materials we can find and use traditional methods of construction and finishing as appropriate to the piece.

In addition to our more traditional furniture we have added a continuously changing collection of truly unique (overused word but true in our case) furniture made from a wide variety of salvaged materials, machinery, and found objects.  We spend a great deal of thought and time blending the various materials to produce attractive, functional pieces that are one of a kind and many that cannot be duplicated.  We don’t make the same thing twice and you won’t see the same piece anywhere.  We also make things out of objects/materials our clients bring to use that have sentimental value as a way to preserve a memory.

What sets us apart

Have you seen something you like that wasn’t the right size or color or had one part that you just didn’t like?  We can remedy that.  We will build you just what you want without having to settle for something that’s not exactly right. 

Unlike the furniture/design stores where the furniture is made “somewhere” out of 2nd rate materials and where you can only get what they have, we work with our clients to produce the right piece for them using quality material and workmanship.

We do not use imported materials.  Everything is American made and locally sourced when at all possible.

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 Saltwater Woodworks Furniture

Some Examples of Our Beautiful Pieces